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Erich Kästner

Many thanks to our partners and sponsors who support our work. In order to offer our work for free and to remain independent, we depend on donations. We look forward to receive your thoughtful support so that as many young people as possible are provided with real life oriented basic financial education and literacy appropriate for their age.

FinGru Bildung gUG is recognized as a non-profit organization. You will find your legal prove here. 

    Thank you so much! Through your thoughtful donations we are able to make our projects to become alive and support students and teachers when it comes to Financial literacy in school. Constructive visioning and committed actions enable a positve, life enhancing development, for all of us!

    Walter Berger
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    ... that Financial Literacy For All 
    becomes Reality
     and will not stay another nice to have on our to-do list!

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